One Day


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Thanks for stopping by! My formal training and experience are in the fields of philosophy (B.A.), spirituality (M.Div.), and counseling (M.Ed.), but my passionate interest is in what Abraham Maslow called "the farther reaches of our human nature." Tracts of Revolution is an ongoing conversation about this adventure we are all on -- together: becoming more fully human, more fully alive. I'd love for you to join in!

2 thoughts on “One Day

  1. So touching. Thank you for sharing this John. I know the time is close for your mother to part from you and your family. This poem touches all the points of being loved and loving. What a rich life she has shared with you, and what a rich life you share with others. it gets passed along, and down to those we allow into our most inner feelings. I feel fortunate to know you and LaJunta, and thus know your Mother through you.

    In 1994 I wrote the following poem. I want to share it with you, because from what you have told us about your Mother, it could apply to her. Butterflies and their beauty is so fleeting, so short, and they are missed when they dart from one flower to the next, then too far away for us to see any longer.

    They come out of their cocoon of adolescence and spread their wings,
    reaching out in sensitivity to the world around them.

    They appreciate the beauty and know the importance of the balance between Nature and Man.

    They are able to soar high — Intellectually and spiritually,
    taking others along with them to share, learn and enjoy.

    They gently alight their human understanding, patience, gentle kindness, and love on others.

    They flutter their inner beauty around them, with a smile, a kind word, or action,
    Without even realizing —
    They are the butterflies of the human face.

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